Economics of happiness and subjective states

Semestre 3

M2 E&P

Andrew Clark, Sarah Flèche

This course consists of six sessions of three hours each covering a number of contemporary economic questions which are viewed through the lens of subjective well-being and other subjective variables. The subjects covered are as follows:

  1. Measurement and validity of subjective well-being
  2. The Easterlin Paradox, social comparisons and adaptation
  3. Subjective well-being in the workplace
  4. Subjective well-being over the life-course
  5. Subjective well-being, culture and institutions
  6. Subjective well-being, objective well-being and public policy

Evaluation: The exam will be written, and will last two hours. Candidates will have to answer three essay questions out of five. The exam can be taken in either English or French.

Responsables du cours(s) :

Information pratique : S3, Sorbonne.