Social interactions

Semestre 4


Thierry Verdier

So called « non-economic » aspects like social interactions, trust, solidarity, cultural and social norms become increasingly acknowledged in various important economic and social policy areas like crime, ethnic conflict, gender, the Welfare state and economic development, This course applies the tools of microeconomic analysis and other fields (sociobiology, evolutionary anthropology and socio- psychology) to such issues, emphasizing the role of endogenous preferences, social norms and social interactions. The course is intended for PhD and Master students, but well-prepared and motivated last year undergraduate students may also take it with permission of the professor.

Enseignant(s) : : Thierry Verdier (

Information pratique : S4, 18h, 48 bd Jourdan 75014 Paris, jeudi 09h-12h, cours du M2 APE.